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Hi. We're OneText – a different kind of payment company.
Really...what makes you different?
We increase sales and help grow your business by simplifying the buying process. Want to see how?
I'm going to need some convincing.
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We turn every phone number into a card on file. Once you have the customer’s phone number, you can sell by simply sending one text.
So you're an SMS Marketing Platform?
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We can power your SMS Marketing, but we do a lot more. Say goodbye to links and coupon codes. And say hello to conversations that convert. For Example:
Our new sneakers just dropped. Want to be the first to snag a pair?

Reply Yes to buy size 10 for $100.
Ready to reorder our cold brew?

Reply Yes to buy 5lbs of beans for $50.
Tell us your favorite flavor and we'll send you a pint 10% OFF ($36 total).

A) Chocolate Chip
B) Hazelnut Brownie
C) Strawberry Sorbet
So, let me get this right..."Yes" really triggers a purchase?
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How it works:

Get paid from any phone number...
Text offers to your customers or use our social links to get buyers to text you.

Frictionless buying for existing customers...
Repeat customers simply reply Yes to buy, increasing your sales and delivering higher lifetime values.

Onboard new customers easily...
We text new users a fast, easy and secure onboarding link. They only need to enter their payment details once. Voilà! Their phone number is now their payment method.
Ok. But how important is SMS marketing?
With 98% open rates, SMS is the fastest growing sales channel. Many brands drive 20% of sales through SMS.

And we're just getting started.

We can't wait to show what's possible in a world where every phone number is a payment method.
Intriguing...what do your customers say?
See for yourself!

Love this new way of purchasing. Super easy and secure.

Carmen C

This purchase built on my first ... Easy peasy!

Willa J

This is really cool. It could definitely be something. Big!

Sunita J

That was cool...I love it

Smiti S

Quick and easy

Camilla S
What tools do you support? What if I'm already using an SMS Marketing platform?
We like to make things easy. We integrate with Shopify and Klaviyo. And we'll work with your existing SMS platform.
How can I learn more?
Let's connect for a demo. We can't wait to show you the awesome.