May 28, 2024

How Swoveralls Boosted Customer Engagement and Repeat Purchases with OneText

In this article, we explore how Swoveralls transformed customer engagement and boosted repeat purchases by partnering with OneText to implement a conversational text strategy.

Krystel Leal
Head of Customer Success @ OneText

Challenge: Turning One-Time Buyers into Loyal Fans

Swoveralls came to OneText with a challenge: Grow from their initial innovation into the lifestyle leader for casual comfort.

Swoveralls is known as the Shark Tank brand that’s reinventing overalls. To grow, Swoveralls needs to show skeptics that’s its so much more than a single purchase product. The team knew that with the right tools, messaging and timing time, they could turn casual browsers into dedicated fans of that Swoverall life.

Solution: Conversational Text 🤝 More Engagement and 💰

Partnering with OneText, Swoveralls embraced a conversational text strategy to work their customer engagement. They implemented a welcome flow that captures the essence of their brand right from the first interaction.

They used targeted text nudges for post-purchase, upsells, and exclusive offers tailored for both new and repeat customers. These messages were strategically designed to convey value and build a lasting relationship with customers.

Result: 124X ROI in 30 days

Swoveralls’ integration of OneText has resulted in remarkable success:

  • Repeat Purchase Rate: OneText has been a part of Swoveralls huge lift in repeat purchaser rate.
  • Welcome Flow: The introduction to the brand was impactful with a fantastic 124X return on investment in just 30 days. It showed an impressive 36.08% increase in text lift, indicating how well the first interaction connects with new subscribers.
  • Checkout Recovery: This flow turned abandoned carts into completed purchases with an incredible 207X ROI and a 19.22% text lift, proving its efficacy in converting hesitations into sales.
  • Overall Engagement: Across all flows, including promotional campaigns, Swoveralls achieved a 24.56% text lift in 30 days, highlighting the effectiveness of their text strategy.

Testimonial from Kyle, Founder @ Swoveralls

Great ecomm partners are people that not only provide results, but you also have a genuinely collaborative and enjoyable working relationship. Good partners typically only have one or the other. OneText is a great partner. They feel like they're on our team, or perhaps we are on theirs, and the standards they hold themselves to make us a better brand. It's a tough acquisition world out there, but OneText gives us the confidence to continue making the world a little comfier, one pair of Swoveralls (via text) at a time.

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