May 24, 2024

The Text to Buy Resort Analogy

In this article, we explore how the convenience of“text to buy can revolutionize the e-commerce experience and boost customer spending effortlessly.

Daniel Guthrie
Head of Growth @ OneText

Picture this:

You are on a well deserved vacation, staying at a tropical resort. It's another picture perfect day: 85 degrees but not too humid, the birds are chirping, and not a single worry about LTV or CAC.

After working up an appetite floating down the lazy river all morning, you decide to hit up the swim-up pool bar for a snack. Chips and guacamole sounds nice. You put in the order:

  • Bartender: "You got it. What's your room number?"
  • You reply: "Room 807"

Voila, payment made, order complete.

As you may (painfully) know from first hand experience, letting customers buy without having to even take their wallets out, makes them use their wallets even more. In fact, according to Visa card on file shoppers spend 2.4 more.

Over one year ago our founders were so inspired to bring card-on-file to e-commerce they left PayPal to do it. Today we remain just as committed to revolutionizing online payments for merchants and consumers alike.

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