The Future of Texting: Goodbye SMS. Hello RCS.

January 17, 2024

We created OneText to push boundaries. To deliver richer, more interactive, higher quality messages, we commit to be RCS-first, transitioning customers from SMS toward the future of texting as soon as possible.

✨ What does this mean?

For decades, texting has been based on the outdated SMS standard. RCS is a new protocol that brings texting into the 21st century. RCS allows richer, longer messages and higher quality images. OneText is all in!

⏰ Why now?

Apple has been the hold out for RCS. Today, Apple announced plans to support RCS natively in iMessage for iOS - a huge moment.

💬 What can customers expect?

There’s a lot we don’t know. It’s possible Apple’s implementation will favor person-to-person RCS over business-to-person uses. This would be disappointing, but hopefully not be a dealbreaker. Naturally, we’ll test extensively and only move brands over once we’ve confirmed a better experience.

🚀 The Future

Our announcement today is aspirational. We’re drawing a line and saying that RCS is where the puck is going and is the direction we’ll skate. When you think of OneText, we want you to know that we push the boundaries of messaging, sales and payments. Today is another step forward.

We'll share more as we implement. The future is exciting.